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February 26, 2019

Good Tuesday morning.

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National Weather Service

The National Weather Service has once again issued a flash flood watch for the Bay Area only two weeks after The City set a new record for daily rain. Between Feb. 25 and 27, rainfall will range from 2 to 5 inches near the coast and Bay shoreline, and flooding is expected in low-lying urban areas.

The City’s impermeable urban landscape leaves it particularly vulnerable to flash floods, which the National Disaster Management Authority advises against attempting to walk or drive through.

Public Defender Jeff Adachi died on Friday after suffering a medical emergency in a North Beach apartment. A social justice champion, Adachi, 59, was revered for his years of service exposing police misconduct, garnering resources for his department and winning difficult cases.

+ A leaked police incident report has given the death investigation a salacious aire. Police officials are now investigating who leaked the report. San Francisco Chronicle


On Monday, District Attorney George Gascón announced his office will eliminate more than 9,000 marijuana-related convictions. The passage of Prop. 64 legalized marijuana for adults 21 and older in November 2016. If Gascón succeeds, San Francisco will become the first city nationwide to clear all eligible marijuana-related convictions.


The Recreation and Park Department announced it is in the early phases of planning a new garden resource center to be located in southeast San Francisco. Program manager Mei Ling Hui, who presented the plan to the RPD commission on Thursday, said the center would function as a master gardener help desk where volunteers provide "advice to grow by."


In a win for journalism, California lawmakers are introducing legislation to prohibit “balance billing,” a practice that led to surprise emergency room bills being sent to hundreds of privately insured patients at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.

“This all came to my attention through your article,” Assemblymember David Chiu, D-San Francisco, told Vox. “When your story broke, I started digging into how state law impacted the situation and saw that there were some clear holes in California policy that we needed to address.”


“I hope that they call me because every call generates an invoice.”

Former Mayor of San Francisco and San Francisco Chronicle columnist Willie Brown told the New York Times of his lobbying for Pacific Gas & Electric for an article . He recently spoke to Gov. Gavin Newsom on behalf of the embattled utility that is deeply enmeshed in California’s political landscape.


The City’s renowned restaurant industry faces a dearth of critics six months after the retirement of San Francisco Chronicle's 32-year food critic Michael Bauer and Eater San Francisco's discontinuation of San Francisco restaurant reviews. Meanwhile, the Bay Area awaits the debut review of the Chronicle's new critic, Soleil Ho.


On Friday, Gerald Rowe was arrested and charged with the grisly murder of 23-year-old George Randall Salvidar, whose body was found floating in the San Francisco Bay last week. Prosecutors moved to detain Rowe without bail, describing apartment footage that showed Rowe and an unnamed co-conspirator noosing, drugging and slapping Salvidar before stuffing him in a suitcase.


A new performance report shows Muni buses proved more reliable than its trains through January, but none met the 85-percent on-time rate mandated by city charter. Curbed San Francisco sorted the 63 active bus lines in order of reliability.

The Neighborhoods

South of Market

Interest in leasing retail space in the $2.2 billion Transbay Transit Center has fallen since the discovery of cracked steel beams shut down the hub in October. Transbay Joint Powers Authority officials reported that income from rent is projected to fall by more than half to $2.1 million. Twenty-one of 36 spaces are available for lease.



San Francisco police, sheriff’s deputies and parole agents from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation arrested 50 fugitives and drug dealers in a day-long neighborhood-wide dragnet last week. For comparison, police typically make 12 arrests per day.


Mission Bay

Mayor London Breed set up a group of city department leaders to ensure the Chase Center area opens without a hitch. Meeting every other week, the group is charged with keeping lines of communication open and removing obstacles that may lead to delays.



The San Francisco Police Department’s new three-story Traffic Company and Forensic Services Division Facility at 1995 Evans Ave. will break ground in June. Construction is estimated to take two years. The $165 million building will be paid for by the June 2014 $400 million earthquake safety bond.



Renovation of the Mission Public Library Branch on Bartlett Street may take up to two years, raising concerns from neighbors who rely on its services. It’s the second busiest library after the Main Library. Users are calling for an interim library.


Mission Terrace

Over the weekend, the Balboa Pool was reopened to the public after a $9 million remodel. Closed in 2016 for renovation, the community facility had its opening delayed by a full year due to a squabble with Pacific Gas & Electric over its electrical service connection.


South of Market

With its city permits ready to go, Friends of Eagle Plaza is working to have the new plaza completed in time for the annual Folsom Street Fair in September.

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