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October 22, 2019

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Council of Community Housing Organizations

Although the San Francisco United School District has steadily increased teachers’ salaries to improve retention, a study produced by the Council of Community Housing Organizations shows the increased pay is not enough to keep teachers in the pricey Bay Area. Anywhere from 300 to 700 educators leave San Francisco every year. The teachers union claims it lost more than 3,000 in the past year alone. “I love this place, I love coming to work every day, I love seeing kids, and to think some day I can’t do it? It’s a very difficult reality to live in every day,” an educator said. CBS


The economic boom continues. San Francisco’s unemployment rate fell in September to 1.8% from 2.1% a year ago. It’s the lowest rate ever recorded. Tech made up 15% of private-sector jobs last year and drove per capita personal income from $82,000 in 2011 to $120,000 in 2017, according to the Office of the Controller.
San Francisco Chronicle

Mayor London Breed put a measure on the March ballot that would raise the office space cap and prioritize approvals for office buildings that subsidize community or retail spaces. San Francisco Chronicle


Mayor London Breed and Supervisor Vallie Brown announced an ordinance last week that would prohibit city government employees from traveling to 22 states or contracting with businesses headquartered in them over their "severe anti-choice policies." The ordinance will go into effect Jan. 1, 2020. "We'll cancel any travel plans to San Francisco and spend our vacation dollars going to pro-life states instead! Who's with us!" tweeted a pro-choice organization in response to the ordinance. Newsweek

The City Attorney filed a motion last week seeking the dismissal of the National Rifle Association lawsuit against San Francisco over a nonbinding resolution that declared the gun right group is a “domestic terrorist organization.” San Francisco Examiner

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San Francisco's Hall of Justice.

Mayor London Breed ordered that the inmates in County Jail 4, atop the dilapidated and seismically unsafe Hall of Justice, must be relocated by July 2021. Other city departments have begun moving out of the facility. If the inmate population doesn’t decline enough, she may send them “to an alternative facility on a temporary basis.” Sheriff Vicki Hennessy said that the inmate population is unlikely to shrink, and building a new facility or renovating an existing empty jail in San Bruno would be difficult.
San Francisco Examiner | KQED

The San Francisco Chronicle breaks down the difference between the competing mental health reform ballot measures. San Francisco Chronicle


With 17 days left before election day, Mayor London Breed swore in interim District Attorney Suzy Loftus Saturday. Loftus told the San Francisco Examiner she intends to boost morale in the high-turnover office, and that she already directed staff to reexamine a number of sexual assault cases and halted the practice of shunting offenders accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs to a diversion program. San Francisco Examiner

The San Francisco Police Officers Association put $50,000 into a political action committee coffer against district attorney candidate Chesa Boudin. San Francisco Examiner

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As part of its research for a second transbay tunnel, BART General Manager Bob Powers said the transit agency will study an extension to Geary Boulevard. An estimated 114,000 residents of the northwestern neighborhoods take public transit to and from downtown every day. “[With] the volumes of people moved on Geary, the thresholds arguably warrant capacity of transit,” an urban planning think tank representative said of the plan. San Francisco Examiner

The Neighborhoods


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Seismic reports show 591 structures on college campuses across the state, ranging from classrooms to libraries, need to be retrofitted or replaced before a major earthquake. San Francisco State University has nine Priority 1 buildings that warrant urgent attention and nine Priority 2 buildings that warrant seismic retrofitting when any new construction work occurs on the structure. NBC


Fisherman’s Wharf

The California-based Courage Campaign put up a huge billboard at Mason and Jefferson streets featuring the visage of President Donald Trump and calling for his impeachment. “Now, after using his position as president to blackmail Ukrainian leaders to manufacture political dirt on the Biden family, the case for the impeachment of Donald Trump on legal grounds is a no-brainer,” the organization’s Executive Director Eddie Kurtz said. SFGate



Neighbors living beside an alley connecting a residential neighborhood to a commercial corridor received permission from the Department of Public Works to close off the public right of way temporarily at their own expense. The move has become a divisive issue in the neighborhood. ABC


South of Market

The Beijing-based developer Oceanwide Holdings suspended construction on a 605-foot tower because of the rising cost of construction. The project at 512 Mission St., which includes a Waldorf Astoria hotel and 156 condos, will resume once the company determines how to lower costs. San Francisco Chronicle



Citing the failure of City Hall to obtain necessary approval from the State Lands Commission, opponents of a 200-bed center to assist homeless people filed a motion on Friday seeking a court order for the project’s approval to be reversed. Curbed San Francisco


South of Market

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The campaign for Ellen Lee Zhou, a social worker vying to become San Francisco’s next mayor, put up a billboard on Dore Street that depicts a cartoon woman with her feet up, smoking a spliff and holding a stack of money. "To me, it symbolizes a mayor that is talking and thinking about change, but not doing about change," said Zhou said about the image. ABC



Comic book shop Hella Novella, standing 71 square feet at 2301 Mission St., has put itself forward to be named the smallest comic book store in the universe by the Guinness Book of World Records. “The idea is to inspire people that you can do things with small spaces. It’s a little more sustainable, it’s not huge and you can get everything done,” owner Sketch Smith said. Mission Local

The Columnists
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