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October 15, 2019

Good Tuesday morning, San Francisco. Feel the earthquake last night? (Was this email forwarded to you? Here's the sign-up page.)

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“We cannot accept your offer. If we ever do consider such sales, we have a duty to obtain the highest and best value for these assets.”

Bankrupt PG&E Corp. rejected San Francisco’s $2.5 billion offer to buy its electricity system within the city’s limits. “We aren’t surprised by PG&E’s response so far,” Mayor London Breed and City Attorney Dennis Herrera said in a statement. “We’re also not giving up. Now more than ever, it is clear that we must take back control of San Francisco’s electric service and achieve energy independence.” Bloomberg


“Is it because of the fight club and other abuse scandals in the jail? Or is it because she wants to mislead progressives into thinking she isn’t part of the establishment?”

On the heels of her controversial appointment as interim district attorney, former Sheriff’s Department attorney and current DA candidate Suzy Loftus avoided mentioning her connections with law enforcement in the voter pamphlet. Although the move wasn't illegal, political opponents like her election rival Chesa Boudin consider it a calculated tactic to mislead voters. The voter pamphlet labels the former police commissioner “Legal Counsel, City & County of San Francisco.” San Francisco Examiner

Vallie Brown, the incumbent District 5 supervisor candidate, evicted the tenants of a building she purchased in 1995. One of those tenants, Wandolyn Dessman, said that they don’t remember being given an offer to stay or much else. SF Weekly

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The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency downsized its Powered Scooter Program, telling e-scooter companies Spin, Scoot, Lime and Jump that they may only launch a combined 2,500 scooters, 1,500 less than planned, over fears of “scooter-geddon.” Scoot will have double the fleet size of its competitors’ because it is “in good standing and has undertaken extensive community outreach,” and has exceeded its low-income membership plan goals, according to SFMTA. San Francisco Examiner


“We’ve failed as a society when police are the primary responders to mental health crises. Urban police departments have begun increased training for handling interactions with emotionally disturbed people. But the efforts are uneven and inadequate.”

UC San Francisco assistant Professor of Sociology Stacy Torres wrote an article calling for a “more humane, medically-informed system of police response” to people suffering from mental health crises based on a personal account. CalMatters

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The San Francisco International Airport’s runways, terminals and other facilities are protected from about 3 feet of flooding by earthen berms and small sea walls. In September, the Board of Supervisors approved a $587 million plan to build a new sea wall using steel pilings and concrete walls around the airport’s 10-mile perimeter. If sea-level projections are accurate, it should guard against 3 feet of sea level rise, through 2085. Mercury News


Mayor London Breed announced a new pilot program called Our Trans Home SF that will assist low-income transgender and gender-nonconforming San Franciscans with housing subsidies in an effort to help curb homelessness. Over two years, $560,000 will be provided to 55 households with direct financial assistance annually, according to the mayor’s office. San Francisco Examiner

The Treasure Island Development Authority Board of Directors discussed the possibility of extending relocation benefits to more island residents. Only residents living on the island in June 2011 or earlier get relocation benefits as outlined in a city-approved redevelopment agreement.
San Francisco Examiner


Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing Director Jeff Kositsky told an audience last week that a policy meant to shelter and house women in the third trimester of pregnancy will be expanded to all pregnant women. The change surprised advocates who claim to have been told verbally and in writing that the policy would remain the same the day before. “Shelter and services should be provided to pregnant women from the moment they become pregnant, not late in their term,” Supervisor Matt Haney said. San Francisco Examiner

The Neighborhoods

China Basin

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Binyan Studios

San Francisco Chronicle urban design critic John King finds the plans for Mission Rock, the Giants-owned mixed-use development set for the parking lot across from Oracle Park, “audacious.” The project consists of four buildings, ranging in height from eight to 23 stories, co-designed by hip architecture firms. San Francisco Chronicle


Russian Hill

“Access to this iconic attraction should be available to all.”

Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed a bill authored by Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) that would have allowed City Hall to implement a toll and reservation system for the incredibly crooked stretch of Lombard Street that draws thousands of tourists a day. The bid intended to ameliorate concerns about traffic congestion.
Curbed San Francisco


Civic Center

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wHY Architecture

The Asian Art Museum raised $100 million in private funds for its expansion project, exhibition and program development as well as endowment growth, officials announced last week. The makeover, led by architect Kulapat Yantrasast of wHY Architecture, will be completed in April 2020. San Francisco Chronicle



“They are trying to take the [benefit district] model and apply it to neighborhoods.”

Opposition is mounting against the proposed Mission Dolores Green Benefit District, a special-use district that would impose an assessment on approximately 4,000 property owners for cleaning, maintenance and beautification services. Opponents say the project would further gentrify the neighborhood. Proponents believe it’s the best means to get City Hall to take their concerns seriously. San Francisco Examiner


Union Square

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During a special Salvador Dali Show at the Dennis Rae Fine Art gallery, an etching by the famous Spanish surrealist resting on an easel at the front of the store was stolen. The 1966 work is estimated to cost $20,000. Video footage of the suspect has been released to help recover the artwork. KRON



Early Monday morning, groups of Native Americans paddled in traditional canoes to Alcatraz for a sunrise ceremony honoring the 50-year anniversary of the historic occupation of the island by Indians of All Tribes. The event was the first Tribal Canoe Journey in the Bay Area. It’s been organized in the Pacific Northwest for 30 years. SFGate


North Beach

The Christopher Columbus monument near Coit Tower was covered in red paint and two messages: “Kill all colonizers” and “Destroy all monuments of genocide.” The vandalism was an act of protest meant to coincide with the Italian Heritage Parade and Columbus Day. City workers removed the paint. Curbed San Francisco

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