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October 24, 2019

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Reminder: Don't forget the sunblock. Temperatures are expected to reach 90 degrees today. SFGATE

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Will Walraven
The Ingleside Path barricade.

The Clinton Park rocks and the Ingleside Path barricade appear to be manifestations of swelling frustration surrounding homelessness. From the New York Times: “For the first time in 20 years of surveys, the issue was noted as a major concern for Californians, according to a poll released last month by the Public Policy Institute of California. The situation has grown so dire that some Los Angeles officials have recently called for the governor to declare a state of emergency to free up funding for addressing homelessness, similar to what has been done to address natural disasters.” New York Times

"Wherever homelessness appears out of control in America ... high housing costs almost surely lurk."
The Economist


With China's largest recycling agency no longer buying resale cardboard, San Francisco's collectors have lost their incentive to pick up the scraps of cardboard that businesses leave on the street. The disappearance of these trucks has imbalanced The City’s ecology ecosystem, and local businesses are getting slapped with extra hauling charges by Recology, sometimes $500, as a result. Hoodline

The Department of the Environment submitted a plan to state officials for a 3-year mobile recycling program to offset the loss of stationary recycling centers.
San Francisco Examiner

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Mayor London Breed announces the results of the Meth Task Force.

From a sobering center to overdose prevention programs, 17 recommendations published by San Francisco's methamphetamine task force aim to tackle The City's worsening overdose crisis. Mirroring Mayor London Breed’s mental health care proposal UrgentCareSF, the sobering center would provide refuge to individuals who are high or undergoing meth-induced psychosis. Most other recommendations call for connecting people who use meth to helpful resources. The report does not detail the costs of the increase in staff, services and housing it calls for. SFBay | KQED


The number of victims from Laguna Honda Hospital's abuse scandal has grown, along with the fines paid to state regulators. After months of investigation prompted by a human resource complaint, City Hall has paid $780,000 in fines and identified 130 patients who were drugged and photographed, health department officials announced Wednesday. San Francisco police have not filed charges against the six staff members directly involved in the abuse. San Francisco Examiner

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“A traffic ticket could lead to the end of my life.”

The San Francisco Police Department took 3 years to complete 29 of 272 reform recommendations from the federal government. Of the other 89% of the recommendations, 170 are "in progress" and 73 in the middle of the review process. The U.S. Department of Justice made the recommendations when it reviewed the SFPD in response to a string of high-profile police shootings and scandals that revealed officers sending sexist, racist and homophobic text messages. Mission Local | San Francisco Examiner

A police department official blamed paperwork for the 20,000 drop in traffic citations issued for speeding and other instances of dangerous driving as San Francisco reels from a rash of pedestrian fatalities.
San Francisco Examiner


“Almost no other city in the world has so many layers of protection as San Francisco, and yet, it’s not enough.”

In response to the devastating fires expected to follow a giant earthquake, San Francisco's 1,500 hydrants would shoot out 90,000 gallons of saltwater per minute. One-third of San Francisco still remains unprotected. Nonetheless, San Francisco officials would rather spend $190 million to install new pipes delivering water for drinking and post-fire quakes than $600 million to build on its current emergency water system. NBC

The Neighborhoods

Russian Hill

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Chris Carlsson

Starting next month, the San Francisco Art Institute will host two-person artist collective Postcommodity’s “The Point of Final Collapse,” an audio installation based on the infamous sinking and leaning Millennium Tower. The 4-minute soundscape, made with data collected between 2008 and 2017, will be played every day from the tower of the SFAI building at 5 p.m. Curbed San Francisco


Civic Center

“We want our money back.”

Taxicab drivers demonstrated around City Hall Tuesday afternoon to protest the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s failure to pay them back for their $250,000 permits that allow them to operate. The bank that gave the drivers loans for permits is suing the SFMTA, claiming the agency allowed the permits to lose their value when they chose not to regulate ride-hail giants Uber and Lyft. San Francisco Chronicle


South of Market

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Mayoral candidate Ellen Lee Zhou’s controversial campaign billboard depicting Mayor London Breed holding a stack of money, thinking about the homeless, while smoking a cigarette has been taken down by outdoor advertising company Outfront Media. The company reserves the right to remove ads considered offensive to community standards. ABC


Union Square

The San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is changing up its tradition of placing puppies and kittens in Macy’s windows. They’ve teamed up with San Francisco Animal Care & Control to add rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs to the mix. The critters will be put on display in late November. SFGate


Potrero Hill

General Hospital emergency department nurses filed a workplace safety complaint with the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health over incidents of violence against them stemming from chronic understaffing and mismanagement. Outside a hearing of the Joint Conference Committee Tuesday, nurses, doctors and other hospital staff rallied to raise awareness about the conditions.
San Francisco Examiner



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Planning Commissioner Dennis Richards is crying foul over the Department of Building Inspection revocation of nine building permits for a building he partially owns on 22nd and Guerrero streets. DBI scrutinized the luxury property after an undisclosed person filed complaints alleging more work was being done than what was permitted. Richards and his partner are appealing the decision. Mission Local



"It was the premier post anywhere in the nation. Getting assigned here was a really big deal." SFGate toured the Presidio’s iconic military homes and deemed the Liggett duplexes the best highlight, with neat brick and white-trimmed three-bedroom houses built for non-commissioned officers and their families. SFGate

The Columnists
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Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, On Guard: Offensive Billboard Depicting Mayor Breed Has Been Taken Down

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Tim Redmond: In Dramatic Hearing, Supervisor Haney’s Housing Measure Moves Forward

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Kelly Dessaint, I Drive SF: When Time Is Not On Your Side

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Broke-Ass Stuart, Broke-Ass City: Revisiting Amsterdam



In the Oct. 22 edition we mistakenly identified a pro-life organization as pro-choice. We regret the error and thank Mark C. for the heads up.

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