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Port of San Francisco
A section of the century-old Embarcadero Seawall.

Stretching from Fisherman’s Wharf to AT&T Park, the three-mile Embarcadero Seawall protects critical infrastructure from the San Francisco Bay. Its first section was built on a tidal mudflat in 1878 and it was completed in its entirety in 1916.

After more than 100 years of service, the Port of San Francisco is acting to retrofit the seawall against a serious earthquake and rising tides with Proposition A, a bond measure on the November ballot.

The cost to build a modern seawall that can weather climate change and the next Big One is estimated to be $5 billion. Prop A will be a $425 million down payment should it pass.

Four black men filed a new racial harassment and unlawful discrimination lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court against Clark Construction Group. The allegations involve swastikas, death threats and racial slurs at the jobsite. They are represented by Civil Rights attorney John Burris.


An arbitrator determined that the Warriors are responsible for the remaining debt from the $150 million renovation of Oracle Arena in 1996. Alameda County taxpayers would have been on the hook for $40 million had the decision gone the other way.


“I will never run for any political office. Business is the greatest platform for change.” —Marc Benioff


After a terror attack at a Synagogue in Pittsburgh claimed the lives of ten people, San Francisco police and Jewish communities are increasing security measures. “The right-wing domestic terrorism we are experiencing — fueled by unlimited access to assault weapons and by our President’s disgusting rhetoric and the thugs he inspires — must end,” San Francisco state Senator Scott Wiener stated. “We need to cleanse the body politic.”


Jeff Kositsky, director of the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing, estimates there are 500 vehicles occupied by homeless individuals on The City's streets. In January 2017, 387 vehicles were documented.


If the discarded needles weren’t evidence enough, after years of steadily rising, the number of people who inject drugs has increased by more than 50 percent, according to San Francisco Department of Public Health data

The Neighborhoods

Union Square

Traffic will flow freely on Stockton Street, between Geary and Market, later this winter after six years of construction for the Central Subway. The street may also soon be outfitted with a new red transit-only lane.



After a pedicab driver was fatally struck by a vehicle led pedestrian and bicycle advocates to call for changes to the street, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency will install a buffered bike lane on Embarcadero from Broadway to Mission streets that can be also be used by vehicles during peak commute times.



BART’s Board of Directors will vote on whether to install a tech-enabled bike rental stand a block away from 24th Street Station. BART Director Bevan Dufty brokered a deal with community groups concerned about its impact on the public realm.


Mission Bay

In anticipation of the Warriors playing in Mission Bay next year, many new restaurants, a brewery and The City’s largest distillery have opened up shop.


Hunters Points

Three false claims lawsuits filed by whistleblowers against Tetra Tech, the company hired by the US Navy to clean the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, will be taken over by the US Department of Justice. The Navy also received $60 million in federal funding to help pay for more testing at the site.



The building that cherished small business Aardvark Books occupies at 227 Church St. has been sold, making the fate of the 40-year-old neighborhood-serving bookseller uncertain.

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