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The former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard may still be contaminated with radiological waste. In September, a radioactive deck marker was discovered in an embankment 10 yards from a housing development.

An NBC Bay Area investigation finds that the Navy’s 2004 Historical Radiological Assessment report, a document used to guide the site’s clean up, leaves open many questions about contamination remaining elsewhere on the former shipyard.

The Navy recently performed additional surface scans for radiation and plans to examine areas where it hasn’t scanned before.

+ The San Francisco Chronicle interviews the top candidates for District 10 supervisor: Theo Ellington, Tony Kelly and Shamann Walton. San Francisco Chronicle

The $2.2 billion Salesforce Transit Center’s general contractor Webcor-Obayashi is suing the Transbay Joint Powers Authority, claiming mismanagement led to the failure to pay for delays and cost overruns. The $150 million lawsuit was brought Tuesday in San Francisco Superior Court. The station remains shuttered.

+ San Francisco is withholding $9.6 million for the Salesforce Transit Center's expansion plans.
San Francisco Examiner


Between 2010 and 2016, ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft added nearly 50 percent of the congestion on The City’s streets, according to a new report from the San Francisco County Transportation Authority. Uber and Lyft contest the findings.

+ The “ride hail” companies are on track to hold initial public offerings next year. New York Times


70 billion per year. That’s how many animals are slaughtered for consumption. Can Just, a San Francisco-based food company, find a way to grow meat and minimize factory farming?


Canvassers have been spotted supporting Josephine Zhao, the Board of Education candidate who said she withdrew from the November election after a imbroglio over her past statements to Chinese-language supporters.


Using the clever hashtag #fewervacancies, District 1 Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer encouraged residents of the Richmond District to point out vacant storefronts. More than 150 were located. Now she plans to introduce legislation to take on the blight of vacancies across The City before year's end.


City Hall is scrambling to fill a funding gap after a shortfall that could be as high as $30 million was discovered in an audit of the San Francisco Housing Authority. Thousands of low-income families face displacement otherwise. This is another bruise for the embattled department.


The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors approved and abandoned a handful of reforms for the ailing taxi industry Tuesday night ranging from phasing out permits to limiting who can buy permits and which permits can access San Francisco International Airport. Some 80 taxi drivers made their feelings known throughout the meeting.


Should the Big One strike the Bay Area, San Francisco will have to compete across the region for skilled laborers to rebuild. There are 24,000 trained carpenters in Northern California, down from 36,000 in 2005.


The closure of appears to be tied to the uptick in police reports related to pimping and sex trafficking on The City’s streets. Unable to advertise online, sex workers are returning outside.

The Neighborhoods


Can San Francisco’s Chinatown remain authentic and fend off the forces of gentrification? Some say change is good while other long for the neighborhood's heyday.


Civic Center

In preparation to install a power substation, BART will permanently close the entrance to Civic Center station at Eighth and Market streets on Nov. 1. The escalator there was shut down on Tuesday.



A San Francisco Superior Court judge dismissed on Monday a lawsuit brought by merchants and residents aiming to stop the installation of Bus Rapid Transit on Geary Boulevard. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency had already begun construction despite the suit.



The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a 38-acre, 1,575-unit housing development for India Basin on Tuesday. The legislators also dismissed two appeals challenging the project’s environmental impact report.



A $1,926,474 Mega Millions California Lottery ticket was purchased at Safeway. The winning numbers are 3 – 45 – 49 – 61 – 69 – Mega 9.



Last week, an anonymous person or group distributed flyers at San Francisco State University that displayed photographs of 37-year-old undergraduate Brian Cofield shirtless with a swastika tattoo and the words "I was born to hate Islam.” Campus police notified Cofield who disabled his Instagram account where the images were taken.


Nob Hill

For its 90th anniversary, the Kimpton Sir Francis Drake Hotel will celebrate with a Roaring Twenties-themed party called “Let’s Misbehave” in the Starlight Room.


South of Market

The San Francisco Chronicle examines the top supervisor candidates for District 6: Christine Johnson, Matt Haney and Sonja Trauss.

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