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October 10, 2019

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Pacific Gas & Electric warned that up to 800,000 customers will have their power shut off to reduce the risk of wildfires, but "customers" doesn't refer to people. It means meters. PG&E did not provide a figure for how many people had outages, but Stanford University's Michael Wara estimated that 1.8 million to 2.4 million people could have their power shut off. KQED

The San Francisco Chronicle and San Francisco Examiner are providing updates as the outages unfold.
San Francisco Chronicle | San Francisco Examiner

Almost 100 people worked at PG&E's San Francisco headquarters to orchestrate the biggest set of planned outages in Northern California history.
San Francisco Examiner

Although an estimated 513,000 PG&E customers experienced outages early Wednesday in northern and central California, the utility expects that San Francisco will remain free from shutdowns due to its urban landscape.
San Francisco Examiner


“The Bay Area feels the income inequalities and the disparity between the numbers at the top and the stagnant wages at the bottom more than most other areas of California because of the cost of living.”

San Francisco had the widest income disparity of any county in California, with the top 5% of households making an average of $808,105, compared with $16,184 for the lowest 20%, the Mercury News found after crunching census data. Mercury News


San Francisco may regulate upcoming technology through a new Office of Emerging Technology, and Board of Supervisors President Norman Yee is expected to propose the legislation for it next week. Whereas companies currently require permission from multiple city agencies for new technology, the office would issue permits to those using technologies unaccounted for in city law. The intention is to incentivize companies to stop neglecting city and state regulations. San Francisco Chronicle

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Civil Grand Jury

“Most of The City’s residential neighborhoods in the west side and southeast remain unprotected. This includes the Richmond and Sunset districts, Ocean View, Merced, Ingleside, Bayview/Hunter’s Point, Visitacion Valley.”

Supervisor Gordon Mar is calling for an expanded emergency water system to be put in place by 2034 to protect unserved neighborhoods from the fires expected to follow a giant earthquake. SFBay


After the imbroglio over Mayor London Breed’s appointment of Suzy Loftus to District Attorney weeks before voters elect a new DA, Supervisor Gordon Mar is seeking a charter amendment on the November 2020 ballot to prohibit the mayoral appointments of candidates to the office they’re seeking within 90 days. “It is plainly undemocratic and wrong to appoint a candidate — any candidate — to the office they’re running for weeks before an election,” Mar said in a statement. San Francisco Chronicle

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Fish & Wild Life Service

A new study by Point Blue Conservation Science found that exterminating mice on the Farallon Islands would protect the number of ashy storm petrels, a small and rare seabird. The birds are being killed by burrowing owls that stay on the islands longer than usual to eat the mice, which are the last nonnative mammal on the islands. The findings add fuel to the controversy around using poison to eliminate mice.
San Francisco Chronicle


Mayor London Breed appointed Sue Diamond to the Planning Commision. She heads a law firm that works primarily with nonprofit organizations. “I look forward to working with the Commission to carry out the Mayor’s vision of building more housing in all neighborhoods,” Diamond said in a statement. The appointment is subject to approval by the Board of Supervisors. San Francisco Examiner


In the wake of a successful program offering free entry to San Franciscans earlier this year, admission to the de Young and Legion of Honor museums will be free on Saturdays to all residents of the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area starting Oct. 19. San Francisco Examiner

The Neighborhoods


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Clarion Alley Mural Project

Clarion Alley now features a new mural depicting seven female political prisoners in Iran who spoke out about issues of civil and child rights and environmental activism. Painted by the Clarion Alley Mural Project, the mural is sponsored by the nonprofit United for Iran. NBC


Union Square

The Mercury News declared the nonprofit Book Club of California one of San Francisco’s best kept secrets. The century-old club is a haven for book lovers, holding 12,000 volumes and ephemera, many focusing on print in California and the West as well as books on books and the fine press. Mercury News


South of Market

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Nine sheriff’s deputies and five inmates of the Hall of Justice’s seventh-floor jail were taken to a hospital Tuesday after being exposed to a narcotic. Authorities suspect the substance was the powerful opioid fentanyl.
San Francisco Examiner


Russian Hill

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority board approved $700,000 on Tuesday for a toll pilot program on Lombard Street. However, Gov. Gavin Newsom has yet to sign Assembly Bill 1605, authored by Assemblymember Phil Ting (D- San Francisco), which legalizes the project.
San Francisco Examiner



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El Rio

This Saturday, neighborhood staple El Rio will celebrate its 41st birthday. Without intervention from City Hall and a neighborhood nonprofit the party might have been its last. The nonprofit Mission Economic Development Agency purchased the building using funding from the government, staving off an eviction of its all its tenants, including the beloved dive bar. San Francisco Chronicle



As groundbreaking nears for the renovation for 167-unit Sunnydale housing project, the Board of Supervisors Budget and Finance Committee postponed approval of a $18.6 million loan after determining each unit would cost approximately $900,000. San Francisco Examiner

The Columnists
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Heather Knight, On San Francisco: Mayor’s District Attorney Appointment Grants Her Friend A Gift, But Will It Benefit Rival?

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Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, On Guard: ‘Blood Money’: Lobbyists, Consultants Working For JUUL May Be Frozen Out Of Future San Francisco Work

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Tim Redmond: San Francisco Planners Say 11-Year-Old Data Is Just Fine — And Will Never Expire

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Kelly Dessaint, I Drive SF: A Loss In The Taxi Community

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