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San Francisco Police Department

State Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, will again try to alter the law requiring that prosecutors prove a vehicle’s doors were locked when an offender burglarized it. If successful, the crime can be charged as a felony burglary instead of a misdemeanor theft.

In the past few years, The City was struck by a swing in auto burglaries. The crime takes a few seconds and the San Francisco Police Department was arresting about 2 percent of the offenders in 31,000 reported cases per year.

It’s anticipated that Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom will sign the bill next year.

Charles B. Johnson, a co-owner of the San Francisco Giants with the largest stake in the franchise, has been found contributing controversial campaign cash again. This time, the registered Republican sent the maximum amount of $2,700 to Mississippi U.S. Senate candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith, who joked about public hanging. Fans are calling for a boycott of Giants games and merchandise.


Last week, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority approved $4 million to study converting southbound and northbound lanes on U.S. Highway 101 and U.S. Interstate 280 into express or carpool lanes. Because daily vehicle trips between San Francisco and the South Bay is projected to grow by 100,000 in the next 20 years, charging solo drivers 25 cents to $1 per mile is a means to manage congestion.


Earlier this month, the Office of the Controller released an audit that recommends City Hall finalize a labor agreement granting the Office of the District Attorney’ Independent Investigations Bureau jurisdiction over police shootings and use of force cases. Launched nearly two years after an outcry over officer involved shootings, no memorandum of understanding between the DA’s office and the San Francisco Police Department has been signed yet.


The use of methamphetamine is increasing after tapering off for years, according to DEA San Francisco Division Special Agent in Charge Chris Nielsen. So far this year, the office seized 1,600 pounds of meth up from 1,085 pounds in 2015.


On this day forty years ago, Supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone were murdered by Supervisor Dan White in City Hall. Lincoln Mitchell, who is writing a book about the turbulent time in The City's history, examines the shocking moment's impact.

+ Mark Leno: My turn: Harvey Milk’s message resonates, 40 years later CalMatters


At today's meeting of the Board of Supervisors, District 8 Supervisor Rafael Mandelman will question Mayor London Breed about what specifically has changed in regard to City Hall's response to homelessness.

The Neighborhoods


San Francisco State University alumni George and Judy Marcus donated $26.8 million to their alma mater, the largest gift in the school’s history. 1.8 million will go toward sports scholarships and $25 million will be directed toward liberal arts.


Western Addition

This month, Bridge to Arts and Music, a free after-school program that provides access to the arts for children, began holding classes at Third Baptist Church of San Francisco. Its organizers believe it will enhance access to music for students in neighborhoods with limited means.



Historian John William Templeton announced the first eight sites to be marked on the his California African American Freedom Trail at a Nov. 8 ceremony. He envision 6,000 markers across the state with over 400 in The City. They range from where ships with African American captains docked to schools named after African Americans.


Mission Bay

Tone-deaf advertisements hanging in the Fourth and King Street Caltrain Station will be removed today after receiving scorn from the public for likening startups to prisons.



BART is 20 decibels quieter in above-ground stretches around Balboa Park Station. The transportation agency has shaved off two millimeters of metal from car wheels throughout its fleet to reduce grinding which causes increased noise.

The Columnists
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