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November 5, 2019

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Election day is upon us!

Here’s a handy guide to everything you need to know about voting in San Francisco. Curbed San Francisco

Here’s a nonpartisan guide. San Francisco Public Press


“The white paper shows that both the SFPD and the FBI have been misleading the community, civil rights organizations and elected officials on this issue from day one.”

By working on a joint counterterrorism task force for both the San Francisco Police Department and the FBI, some police officers found themselves in a legal catch-22. An FBI report reveals that most of the inquiries handled by the task force are typically restricted by local laws and SFPD policies. Nearly 120 operations handled by the task force are being called into question. The Intercept | Mission Local


“Starting today, we are banning ‘party houses’ and we are redoubling our efforts to combat unauthorized parties and get rid of abusive host and guest conduct, including conduct that leads to the terrible events we saw in Orinda.”

After a shooting at a Halloween party held in a short-term rental in Orinda killed five people last week, San Francisco-based Airbnb announced it is banning “party houses” and will create a “party house rapid response team” to take immediate action against users who violate its policies on large gatherings. San Francisco Chronicle

Scammers are taking to the short-term rental platform to exploit users. Vice


City College of San Francisco teachers condemned their administration in August for attempting to almost double several administrator salaries while slashing departments’ budgets across the board. The college's top lawyer Steve Bruckman stated that CCSF officials appeared to violate their own public disclosure policy by not giving the public enough time to review the documents detailing the raises, according to an email obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle. Higher education reporter Nanette Asimov tells how the debacle unfolded. San Francisco Chronicle

Despite competing on an uneven playing field, City College’s cybersecurity students are winning big at national competitions against 4-year universities. SF Weekly


“After being attached to the rope and hauled out of the darkness and up through the manhole again, I was suddenly out of the city’s underworld. Exhausted, after hours trudging through sewer water, the call of the underground was only more apparent to me.”

KQED’s Bay Curious excavates a deeply popular question: Are there secret tunnels under San Francisco? Reporter Carly Severn finds two guides in urban explorer “Sierra Hartman” and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Assistant Engineer Megan Abadie. KQED


“I started buying Street Sheet from vendors when I moved to San Francisco in 1994. A friend told me, 'That’s the paper homeless people sell for a dollar.' I learned that the vendors keep every penny, and I thought, 'That’s cool. I get reading material, and they get spending money.' It blew my mind when I realized its writers and publishers themselves knew homelessness firsthand." —Street Sheet Editor TJ Johnston commemorates the 30 year anniversary of the publication. 48hills

The San Francisco Examiner launched a membership campaign. San Francisco Examiner

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Wonder why San Francisco’s power didn’t get cut last month like other cities in the region?

The city isn’t on California’s official map of high fire threat areas. So when winds rise, PG&E Corp. doesn’t cut its power. The Diablo winds rarely hit the city as hard as the nearby suburbs. “A line serving a community that’s not in a high fire risk area could rely on a line that runs through a high fire-risk area,” PG&E spokeswoman Ari Vanrenen said. Bloomberg

The Neighborhoods


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The San Francisco Police Department increased the reward to $30,000 for information leading to the arrest of whoever shot and killed Lindsay McCollum and Eddie “Tennessee” Tate at 16th and Shotwell streets Dec. 18, 2016. Those with information can call the homicide detail at (415) 553-7976. San Francisco Chronicle



Citing the high number of vehicle collisions on the stretch of California Street between Arguello and Park Presidio boulevards, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency plans to reduce the number of traffic lanes from four to three. The extra space will be used to widen the remaining lanes. San Francisco Examiner


Hayes Valley

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Later this month, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors will vote on the Page Street Bikeway Improvements Pilot project, a plan to improve conditions on the street for cyclists. The proposal involves the removal of 20 parking spaces, prohibiting left turns onto Octavia Boulevard and disallowing drivers entering eastbound onto Page Street at Webster. Hoodline



Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8 School faculty claim that the San Francisco Unified School District is investigating Principal DeLarios Moran in retaliation for her activism. They are planning to protests over the matter. The school district cannot comment on personnel matters.
San Francisco Examiner



Barbary Coast Collective, a pot club with shops in South of Market and the Mission, opened its third location at 23rd Avenue and Irving Street. The Apothecarium, a competitor for the lucrative authorization to open shop in the neighborhood, is suing City Hall, claiming that Barbary Coast Collective only won its permit by contributing $75,000 to the Board of Supervisors through politically connected business co-owner David Ho. San Francisco Examiner



A plan to reopen a historic 26-foot-wide stone gate that connects Greenwich Street to the Presidio has been abandoned. The Greenwich Gate opened in 1890 to serve streetcars. It was filled in during the 1950s.
San Francisco Examiner



Former mayoral candidate Amy Farah Weiss submitted a proposal to City Hall to transform a 4,743-square-foot parking lot at 180 Jones St. into a “stewardship village” with temporary homeless housing and a dog park before it is developed into housing in about a year. Weiss also raised $150,000 for the proposal. San Francisco Examiner

The Columnists
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Heather Knight, On San Francisco: From Car Break-Ins To Meth Possession, Interim DA Loftus Signals Tougher Approach

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Sally Stephens: Building Community One Block At A Time

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Willie Brown, Willie’s World: Impeachment A Winner For Democrats? Don’t Bet On It

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Joe Eskenazi: Buck Delventhal Dies, And San Francisco Loses Its Most Capable Guide

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Tim Redmond: The Big Money In The Major San Francisco Races

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