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April 23, 2019

Good Tuesday!

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Deniz Kahramaner

Eight tech giants are expected to go public this year, and all but one are headquartered San Francisco. The impending wealth wrought by the IPOs seems likely to exacerbate The City’s housing crisis. The Atlantic's Alexis C. Madrigal found a data scientist-turned real-estate agent who crunched the numbers.

Deniz Kahramanerm estimates that last year 51% of home buyers in San Francisco were software employees, and foresees that shortly after the eight companies enter public markets this year, well over 5,000 new buyers will be trying to enter The City’s housing market, which sold 5,471 homes last year.

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San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

When the door of a new Muni streetcar shut tight on the hand of an elderly woman, it dragged her off the platform and onto the tracks. Now the state is investigating.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors plans to halt funding for more of the new Siemens trains — and for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency altogether — perhaps until an independent investigation concludes the streetcars are safe.


San Francisco’s controversial Assisted Outpatient Treatment program has run for three years, primarily supporting a 2002 state law that has people with serious mental illnesses identified, assessed and — if deemed necessary — required by court to undergo treatment.

A consultant’s 3-year evaluation found that since the city’s AOT program took effect, covering the monthly costs of treatment for its 129 participants has dropped from $485,000 to $81,745. The report also indicates a significant reduction in incarceration and the need for emergency care over the last three years.

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One day after the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency renewed its temporary permit, moped and e-scooter company Scoot scooted its tech-enabled conveyances off the streets to equip them with anti-theft devices. The company had 453 reports of stolen scooters between October and February. San Francisco Examiner

After Lyft and Uber pulled many off their e-bikes off the streets early last week in response to riders getting flung off their e-bikes due to their excessive braking force, brake manufacturer Shimano stated that the issue was caused not by the brakes but the companies’ noncompliance with installation requirements. San Francisco Examiner


The Office of City Attorney Dennis Herrera helped write a book on how local governments can face the Trump administration in court. A 32-page primer released last week argues that city law offices should more proactively protect the legal rights of their communities. It’s the latest collaboration between the city attorney's office and Yale Law School students, who’ve worked together before to litigate public-interest lawsuits.

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San Francisco County Transportation Authority

The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management is collaborating with ride-hail giant Uber and emergency communications company RapidSOS to provide an emergency button in the Uber app. Uber passengers may use the button to send data that is normally shielded to the RapidSOS service. The button also calls 911 and passes the information to dispatchers.


San Francisco Chief of Police Bill Scott assured lawyers that in around three months, SFPD would implement policies to follow California Family Code § 6228, which requires police reports be disseminated to survivors of domestic and sexual violence within five days.

That was March 2018.

Bay Area Legal Aid attorney Fawn Jade Korr and attorney Jeanne Finberg are threatening to take the matter to the San Francisco Superior Court, should SFPD not show significant progress by April 29. At risk is the safety and well-being of survivors and their children, who rely on timely police reports to obtain restraining orders.

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San Francisco could become the first city in America requiring large commercial property owners to convert to 100% renewable energy. City officials introduced a plan to enforce that requirement by 2030 for buildings that are at least 50,000 square feet. The plan would help The City meet its goals of using only renewable energy by 2030 and turning carbon-neutral by 2050.



The Board of Supervisors Government Audit and Oversight Committee questioned San Francisco Police Department officials about the investigation report into the death of Public Defender Jeff Adachi that was leaked to the media. SFPD will finalize its investigation into the leak in the next few weeks.

The Neighborhoods


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Presidio Trust CEO Jean Fraser issued a letter to the governing body of the 1,491-acre Presidio national park calling to reject the winning proposal for a “Campus for Change” at Fort Winfield Scott. “[T]he proposer is expecting the Presidio Trust to cover a significant portion of these costs while seeking to reap a financial return themselves,” Fraser wrote of the plan for the 30-acre, 22-building site.


North Beach

With its legal battle over, Julius' Castle is being prepared for improvements and a reopening. "I have this vision in my head of climbing a mountain covered with snow and just sort of putting one foot in front of the other and continuing ahead,” owner Paul Scott said. “It sort of feels like that at times, but ... hopefully there will be an oasis of sun and fresh drinks and a good meal at the top of the mountain." SFGate took a tour of the famed restaurant.


Bayview-Hunters Point

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Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure
A rendering of the Hunters Point Shipyard development project.

The procedures used to test for radiation on a section of the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard will be analyzed by experts from University of California at San Francisco and the University of California at Berkeley at the request of Mayor London Breed, City Attorney Dennis Herrera and District 10 Supervisor Shamann Walton. Its purpose is to determine whether the testing procedures established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Navy and the California Department of Public Health were sufficient. A report on the findings could be ready as early as fall.


Lake Merced

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City and County of San Francisco

The Westside Waves all-girl youth soccer team met with Board of Supervisors President Norman Yee at City Hall to advocate for more pedestrian safety measures around Lake Merced after their teammate, 14-year-old Madlen Koteva, was struck by a driver on John Muir Drive and died of her injuries earlier this month. They visited every other supervisor’s office to spread their requests.


Treasure Island

“It’s really sad the level of analysis the Navy is engaged in.”

David Anton, an attorney for the whistleblowers who exposed wrongdoing in the cleanup of the toxic Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, says the same fraud occurred during the cleanup at Treasure Island. Community groups are calling for City Hall to act, starting with a hearing at the Board of Supervisors.


Pacific Heights

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The shuttered AMC Theater on Van Ness Avenue will be revived as a cinema by CJ-CGV. The South Korean company plans to modernize the theater by installing a 4D screen with “synchronized motion seats and environmental effects such as wind, rain, snow, fog and lightning.”


South of Market

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The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat awarded Salesforce Tower the honor of being the “best tall building worldwide.” The international nonprofit organization deemed that the building “gives back” with “its multipronged focus on occupant health, sustainability, structural efficiency, and a significant level of integration with the surrounding urban habitat.”



Larkin Street Youth Services opened the nation’s first transitional housing shelter for transgender youths, the most discriminated against LGBT demographic. In 2017, 66 trans youths were identified in the homeless Point-in-Time Count.

The Columnists
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