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September 5, 2019

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"The NRA conspires to limit gun violence research, restrict gun violence data sharing and most importantly aggressively tries to block every piece of sensible gun violence prevention legislation proposed on any level, local, state or federal."

The Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a non-binding resolution labeling the National Rifle Association is a domestic terrorist organization that incites violence and spreads "misinformation and propaganda" and urged other governments to do the same. A NRA spokesperson said the gesture was a shameful waste of tax dollars. KQED

More than a year after the proposal's inception, the Board has shelved legislation that would have curtailed cafeterias in tech company office buildings. San Francisco Examiner


Unhoused individuals account for 22% of recent traffic deaths despite making up less than 1% of San Francisco’s population. Five of the 23 individuals killed in traffic collisions citywide last year did not live "at a fixed address," according to the Department of Public Health. The department stated it will publish a brief this year presenting new ideas to prevent traffic-related killings of unhoused people, in a coordinated effort with San Francisco's traffic response teams. San Francisco Examiner

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Alert visiting friends and family: The City’s iconic cable cars will be out of commission for 10 days starting next week. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency will be overhauling the Hyde Street cable car gearbox, which powers all vehicles leaving and entering the Cable Car Bar on Mason Street. San Francisco Examiner

The Bay Bridge commute may get a bit faster in the next few years. The Bay Area Toll Authority is seeking to convert seven Bay Area bridges, including the Bay Bridge, to all-electronic tolling. San Francisco Examiner


The Department of Public Health parsed its data on the services it provides the homeless and issued a striking new report that found:

  • 4,000 people struggle with homelessness, mental illness and addiction
  • 1,640 frequently use urgent and emergency psychiatric services
  • 200 of the neediest individuals have not received well-coordinated services from city agencies

In a bid to increase its efficacy, City Hall will start assigning coordinators to assist individuals who use city services next month. San Francisco Chronicle

Rising costs of doing business and The City’s hot real estate market have led to the closure of two board-and-care facilities, taking 26 beds for long-term care out of circulation. Since 2012, a quarter of these units have been lost. “We have a lot of developers coming to the homes and offering them lucrative deals to stop being board-and-care homes, and it’s challenging because it’s such a vulnerable population,” a provider said. San Francisco Chronicle

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Planning Department
John Rahaim will be stepping down as head of the Planning Department.

Planning Department Director John Rahaim announced he will step down. Rahaim, appointed by then-Mayor Gavin Newsom in 2008, oversaw the creation and implementation of numerous significant neighborhood plans, including the Mission Action Plan 2020, Balboa Park Station Area Plan and the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan. San Francisco Examiner

Ken Nim is the new director of the Office of Economic and Workforce Development’s construction job training program, CityBuild. San Francisco Examiner


While aboard the whale watching boat the Kitty Kat, naturalist Michael Pierson saw the aftermath of a humpback whale killed by a speeding boat. The whales have been feeding in the bay, which was rare until three years ago. Pierson believes ships ought to travel at 10 knots or slower when whales are present. NBC

The Neighborhoods


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A 22-year-old man was shot and killed while watching an artist paint a mural three years ago near Plymouth Avenue and Broad Street. His mother commissioned a billboard on Ocean Avenue announcing a $25,000 reward offered by police for new information leading to an arrest or conviction in search of leads to find the killer. SFGate


Haight Ashbury

“There’s tons of people in the park, and animals and all the homes nearby. Scary.” Since Aug. 13, there have been six suspicious fires in Buena Vista Park. The Arson Task Force is investigating. NBC


Mission Bay

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"Eat your heart out, Madison Square Garden."

After 47 years in Oakland, The Warriors will play ball at the centerpiece of San Francisco’s newest neighborhood. Chase Center is open, and joining it soon will be 20 restaurants and retail spaces, a 5.5-acre park and a 10,000-square-foot Warriors store. The privately financed $1.4 billion stadium has already turned a profit, Chase Center spokespeople said. KQED | San Francisco Chronicle


Mission Bay

Assessor-Recorder Carmen Chu sued the San Francisco Giants and the Assessment Appeals Board over the value of Oracle Park. In 2017, Chu placed the ballpark’s value at $430 million. The Giants insist it’s worth $298 million. Chu is attempting to recoup lost tax revenue from the discrepancy. Curbed San Francisco



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Later this month, the Ferry Building will undergo a light two-year renovation. The 1896-built edifice will have its facade repaired and refreshed with a coat of paint called “Ferry Building Gray.” The landmark was last renovated in 2003, when it was successfully converted into a marketplace. Curbed San Francisco



As part of its expansion plans, Mission Neighborhood Centers purchased a building on Valencia Street known to many as a canvas for local artists. The nonprofit bought the former police station for $6.8 million and intends to build housing units and classrooms. Mission Local


Hayes Valley

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Planning Department
A map of The Hub.

If “The Hub,” an 84-acre area at the intersection of Van Ness and Market streets, is rezoned to add density, 18 properties will be allowed to be developed into 9,710 new housing units, 83% more than allowed now as presently zoned. San Francisco Chronicle

The Columnists
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Broke-Ass Stuart, Broke-Ass City: Hiero Day Is The Best Parts Of The Bay Wrapped Into One Event

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Robyn Purchia, Green Space: Hacking Male-Dominated Environmental Solutions

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Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, On Guard: Former SFPD Chief Returns To Political Limelight To Campaign For Suzy Loftus

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Phil Matier: San Francisco Assessor Sues Over Giants’ Tax win On Oracle Park

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Heather Knight, On San Francisco: San Francisco District Attorney Candidate Gives Old Boss Gascón A B-Minus, Pitches Tough-On-Crime Approach

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