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July 16, 2019

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San Francisco could open its first assistance center for people who live in their vehicles as soon as November. To grapple with a sharp increase in the number of vehicularly homeless people, City Hall is proposing to use a Muni employee parking lot slated for housing development beside the Balboa Park BART station as an interim triage center where services can be rendered. Program participants would be allowed to stay on site for 90 days with options to stay longer if no housing is available. San Francisco Examiner | ABC

Despite an impending lawsuit, San Francisco Public Works is beginning to build a 200-bed Navigation Center on Seawall Lot 330. The land has been surveyed, a fence erected around the perimeter and equipment brought to the site. San Francisco Chronicle

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Tom Maguire

The beleaguered San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency will be led by its Sustainable Streets Division Director Tom Maguire on an interim basis until the agency hires a new Director of Transportation. Ed Reiskin, the current director, will depart the agency once his contract expires on Aug. 14 after eight years leading the organization.


“These threats from the president are designed to create panic and fear. If you’re going to raid people, why tell them three weeks in advance?”

The threat of a Sunday federal crackdown on undocumented immigrants facing final deportation orders put immigrant communities on high alert in San Francisco and nine other cities but ultimately failed to materialize. Although President Donald Trump said that the raids would deport "millions" of undocumented immigrants, the nationwide figure was closer to 2,000. San Francisco Examiner

Immigration authorities arrested 22 people across the Bay Area in the week leading to the threatened Sunday crackdown. KQED

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Human Rights Commission Executive Director Sheryl Davis

“This office signals that San Francisco is finally coming to the reality that San Francisco is not beyond racism, that it lives and it exists here and that we need a mechanism to actually hold people accountable to that reality.”

The Board of Supervisors held its first committee hearing on legislation to create an Office of Racial Equity, a department of the Human Rights Commission that would be charged with closing inequity gaps from household income to incarceration, and producing a report card of how city departments are doing in meeting set goals. The legislation could be passed later this month.


In response to a Wall Street Journal report that Pacific Gas & Electric realized and failed to repair or replace parts of its system — including the high-voltage power line that caused the deadliest wildfire in California history last year — a federal judge ordered the company to file a public statement by July 31 telling "the extent to which each paragraph is accurate.” U.S. District Judge William Alsup also ordered PG&E to detail its millions of dollars in campaign contributions and explain why the donations were more important than repairing outdated power lines. Wall Street Journal | San Francisco Chronicle

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed on a bill to reduce the wildfire risks surrounding California’s investor-owned electric companies. Assembly Bill 1054 authorizes a new wildfire fund for claims related to future fires sparked by power lines, requires safety investments from California’s three major utilities and alters how the state regulates those utilities. San Francisco Chronicle

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San Francisco Police Department Academy recruits with their instructor.

Two unsettling crime stories led Mayor London Breed to call for a police stronger police presence in San Francisco; the police department expects to open eight police academies over the next two years. There are 1,869 full duty police officers assigned to San Francisco's 883,305 people, according to the San Francisco Police Department, meaning the officer-per-person ratio has fallen from one officer per 419 people in 2010 to one officer per 473 people. ABC

SFPD made no arrests in three different shooting homicides that occurred in a matter of days. Chief Bill Scott has called on the public to come forward with information. San Francisco Examiner


Following weeks of strong pushback from Mayor London Breed and the San Francisco Department of Public Health, supervisors Hillary Ronen and Matt Haney have postponed their November bid to provide free mental health services in San Francisco to March 2020. “Mental Health SF” would provide 24/7 access to psychiatrists and pharmacists for all San Francisco residents and build a mental health care drop-in center. KQED

Even teachers unions didn’t support it.

The San Francisco Rules Committee tossed out Mayor London Breed's proposal to expedite teacher housing in San Francisco, finding flaw in the broadness of its terms and the requirement that housing be affordable to households with an income of up to 140% of the unadjusted area median family income. Curbed San Francisco | Mission Local

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Bryan Carmody

“It’s getting to the point of absurdity.”

Two months after the raid of journalist Bryan Carmody's home and office to uncover the source of a leaked police report offering salacious details on the death of former public defender Jeff Adachi, attorneys have become frustrated that it will take five different judges to hear five separate motions relating to the raid. On Friday, Judge Victor Hwang postponed ruling on a motion that would unseal documents filed by police to obtain a search warrant for the raid.


“I think even today when you go out to Golden Gate Park on Sundays, that special energy is still there.”

When San Francisco banned skating at Golden Gate Park 40 years ago, a group of friends joined the Skate Patrol. They were told that if they managed the no-skating zones and kept the peace, then The City could halt its skating ban. The plan worked. The Skate Patrol's 40th anniversary celebration featured events all of last week, ending Sunday.

The Neighborhoods

South of Market

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On Saturday, Muni and Golden Gate Transit buses returned to the Transbay Transit Center nine months after the $2.26 billion transportation hub was shut down upon discovery of two faulty steel beams. AC Transit, Westcat Lynx, Greyhound, Bolt and Amtrak service are expected to return next month.


Laurel Heights

A rise in the number of storefront vacancies in the Laurel Village shopping center is thought to be caused by the March closure of the California Pacific Medical Center and expected to be exacerbated by the 2020 closure and redevelopment of University of California-San Francisco’s 10-acre Laurel Heights campus.


Crocker Amazon

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Citizen App

On Sunday, the San Francisco Fire Department contained a four-acre blaze near the Gleneagles golf course at John McLaren Park. No injuries were reported. No structures were damaged.


Bayview-Hunters Point

As part of required community investments tied to the $1 billion Southeast Treatment Plant improvement project, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and the Office of Economic and Workforce Development spent $266,000 to create a food park on an under-used property fronting Third Street. $110,000 of the funds came from five plant project contractors.


Outer Sunset

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San Francisco Fire Department Surf Rescue and National Park Service Ocean Rescue units recovered a man from rough Ocean Beach waters near the Zoo and revived him with CPR on Saturday. A witness said the surfer was underwater for two minutes. He is hospitalized in critical condition.



Former “Mythbusters” host Adam Savage maintains a warehouse, known as Savage’s Cave, full of costumes from his appearances at conventions. They range from No-Face from “Spirited Away” to Admiral Ackbar from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”


Hayes Valley

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Recreation and Park Department

Graffiti artist The Apexer, also known as Ricardo Richey, will install artistic court surfacing at the Hayes Valley Playground basketball court over the next week. The project is sponsored by the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation, Project Level and Project Impact.


Mission Bay

A development at 1450 Owens St. could cap the two-decade transformation of Mission Bay. Alexandria Real Estate Equities has proposed to build a 175,000-square-foot lab and office project for the last undeveloped parcel. No tenant is slated for the building.

The Columnists
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